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Amplitude Modulation on the Ham Bands!


W3AM is sadly condo-bound here in South Florida.
Internet Remote Base operation of a small station at my Miami work QTH and other pitying hams' stations are my only refuge at the moment. (Thank you K3RON!)

Comet H422 Rotatable Dipole

The Comet H422 rotatable dipole at my Remote Base QTH


While I use SSB, NBFM and other low-fi modes, I have a particularly warm fondness for the superior sound quality and relaxed and courteous operating style that is unique to AM (Angel Music).

The organic experience of using vintage equipment with those curious glass objects inside that get so darned hot and smell so, well, electronic, flows naturally into the ultimate tranquility and zen-like oneness with the ether you'll feel when operating AM. So come on, pour yourself a highball, fire up that old Viking, and become a vessel empty of yourself!

And, the chicks really dig it.


The Old Man w/FIM41

The Old Man in action, confirming his null toward the FCC monitoring station in Douglas, AZ...


Where You Can Find AM on the Ham Bands:

160 Meters and 75/80 Meters

1880-1995 KHz on the 160 Meter Band

3870-3890 KHz, and some newer 'expanded band' watering holes at 3675, 3705, 3725, and 3735 KHz on the 75/80 Meter Band

40 Meters and 20 Meters

7290 KHz on the 40 Meter Band

14286 KHz on the 20 Meter Band

Exciting 10 Meter Action!

29.000 to 29.200 MHz on the 10 Meter Band

E-Mail, Short Wave Listeners, & Gates BC-1H Donations

W3AM Mailboxgary@w3am.com


I am looking for a single-cabinet 1KW AM broadcast transmitter.
A Gates BC-1H, Collins 820-D2 or similar would be really swell.

Let me know what you've got! E-mail me NOW! Let's make a deal!


NEW! Here are the mods done to my Johnson Ranger for improved audio performance and variable output power.

NEW! Audio symmetry processing and All Pass Filters

NEW! 1927 GE Article on Tube ('Radiotron') Theory, Part I, (tnx to K5PRO)

NEW! 1927 GE Article on Tube ('Radiotron') Theory, Part II, (tnx to K5PRO)


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More pix and links and stuff to come very soon! Please check back!

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